Facial Esthetics

Medical esthetic services involve high-technology care that represents the cross of healthcare and beauty services. It is the use of advanced aesthetic technologies to provide a medically based procedure designed to cause a significant cosmetic change or enhancement. Have you noticed all the new advertising for that new medspa (otherwise known as medical spa)? Seen them popping up all over the place including malls? What is it? What do they do? Anything I might be interested in? The answer is that a medspa offers medical aesthetic services, which means these aesthetic services are everywhere.

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The demand for facial aesthetics services has increased significantly. The ability to provide dramatic benefits without surgery has been a perfect match for this segment of the population. The resulting rise in the number of medspa and medical esthetic practices has made these lunchtime procedures more accessible, and has aided in their increasing popularity. The ideal result of a medical aesthetics procedure is to keep your friends and co-workers wondering what looks different about you, why do you look refreshed and more youthful without a change so dramatic to make people wonder if you have gone under the knife. Most importantly, these medical aesthetics procedures can be made without anesthesia, downtime, or significant discomfort.


Botox & Juvederm

As we live our lives, we smile, laugh, and frown to convey our emotions, our highs, and our lows. We wear our experiences on our faces, and that takes a natural toll on our skin. Dr. Allegretti hopes to not just improve your smiles, but ensure that you have glowing, youthful skin to match your perfect teeth. We want your face to be well rounded and make you happy every time you glance in the mirror. To help us be the best dentists possible, we offer Botox and Juvederm to enhance your skin alongside your smile.

What is Botox and how will it affect my face?

Dissatisfied with forehead lines and other facial wrinkles? Botox injections will temporarily relax facial muscle contractions and eliminate wrinkles. Botox is an FDA-approved medicine injected into muscles to block the reception of nerve impulses and relax those muscles that create facial wrinkles. A non-surgical and non-invasive procedure, Botox can also target jaw muscles to reduce bruxism and clenching, alleviating headaches and migraine pain. This makes Botox incredibly popular as both a cosmetic and functional solution for facial wrinkles and muscular concerns.

How are Botox and Juvederm different?

Botox and Juvederm target different areas of your face, and enhance skin in entirely different ways. While Botox works to halt muscles from contracting, Juvederm is a smooth filler that plumps skin and rounds out the area around your mouth. Juvederm replaces natural substances that diminish in facial skin as we age. The gel is injected directly into areas around your mouth and nose, erasing smile lines and facial folds. A Juvederm treatment only takes about thirty minutes, you will see immediate results, experience minimal recovery time, and your smoother skin may last a year.